New Years Eve 2023 Party Outfits
Shine bright this NYE with some of our team’s favorite glam looks to try at your annual party.

by Vard Mov
Satin black shirt + glittery top combo

The combination of textures in this outfit is everything–our team loves a black-on black look, which will let the two fabric types be the star of the show.

Long sleeve mini dress

Nothing says ‘party’ and ‘winter’ at the same time much like showing off your legs but covering your arms. We love this look with hair slicked back into a bun or ponytail.

Gold sequins or sparkles

Black and silver may traditionally take the cake when it comes to NYE colors, but gold is right up there too. It’s a color that demands attention and–paired with the sequence or sparkers–will give you an ultra glam look. Be daring and try it with a red lip!

Feather-lined bell-sleeves

This look has really taken off this year and we absolutely adore it! Glam, a bit campy, and 100% dramatic, a feathery bell-sleeve on a dress or top provides a built-in accessory to any outfit.

Mono-chromatic muted gem tones

My absolute favorite is wearing mono-chromatic–whether it’s maroon, forest green or burnt orange, going full head-to-toe in a gem-tone is a look that is both sleek and special.

Bright red

Bright, bold red on any woman will be turning heads. To find the perfect share for your unique personal coloration, schedule a color analysis with Vard today!

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