The Perfect Jeans for Every Body
Bodies are unique–and every person’s proportions are different. So how come there’s a one-style-fits-all approach to jeans? Read on for more info on how to find the perfect pair of jeans to let your natural beauty shine!

by Vard Mov
  • Step 1:
    Find out your body type. 
    Are you top heavy with slim legs? Are you all hips with narrow shoulders? Something folks tend to get wrong about body type is it’s NOT about your size–it’s about your proportions. Knowing your body shape and where your body fat falls (which is mostly genetic) is your key to finding the perfect pair of jeans that highlights what you’re working with.

    For a full body type analysis, send Vard a message.

  • Step 2:
    Find your denim style.
    Flare Jeans: Perfect for hourglass and pear shapes, because the wide bottoms allow for natural highlighting of your small waist and knee area. Best of all, you get to look like a groovy mermaid!

    Boyfriend Jeans: Relaxed and loose-fitting, these jeans are great for apple and athletic shapes.

    Straight leg: Great for every body type (besides triangle shape! These tend to look awkward on our big-hipped gals) – a classic, and making a comeback.

    Skinny Jeans: You guessed it–these jeans look fantastic on a rectangle shape because they give you definition, as well as an hourglass shape because they show your true form (and can be extra flattering!).

    Real talk: despite stylists' recommendations, at the end of the day what matters the most is that you feel sexy & comfy in your jeans–so if you like it, rock it!

  • Step 3:
    Find your rise.
    Low rise: Fantastic for the triangle body types without too much hip, low rise jeans highlight your athletic build and create a balanced look. However, some women with hips like low rise jeans, as it gives them a chance to show off their curvy shape!

    Mid rise: Pretty much compatible with every body type, mid rise jeans sit just below the navel. Perfect for showing mid-drift with a crop top, but also ideal for a sleek tucked in look. Mid rise are everyone’s favorite weapon. If you’re top-heavy, mid-rise jeans give you nice definition without taking away your torso. 

    High rise: The ladies with the big hips and small waists rock the high rise jeans, as do athletic figures. Some women who don’t have a natural waist definition also love the high rise because it gives them the illusion of a waist. 

  • Step 4:
     Find the right brand.
    Now that you know the style and rise of your perfect jeans, it’s important to invest in quality denim that can become a core piece of your capsule wardrobe. Here’s some brands we’ve vetted and love:

    Everlane: Affordable basics and amazing denim–they have both stiff, sturdy denim as well as jeans with some stretch.

    MadewellBasically every style and wash you can think of, Madewell has them!

    Good American: Stylish and trendy without sacrificing the quality, these jeans are a must

    Citizens of Humanity: LA-based premium denim brand–truly the best of the best.

    Levi’s: The classic, iconic denim brand that makes some of the best and most flatter pants out there. 501s are my personal favorite!

    Pro tip: if you join their membership program, you can get all your jeans hemmed–for free!

    Saint Laurant: Looking for luxury? YSL denim is the right direction–you pay for what you get. 

    7 Jeans: Flattering fits for every body–a personal favorite brand.  

    & Other Stories: Quality, soft denim made from organic cotton.

    Agolde: Setting the standard for quality denim; gorgeous classics and innovative, bold statement pieces. 

    Thrift shops: Vintage denim (especially mom jeans!) of the 80s and 90s can create that high-waisted, hourglass shape–and are so flattering!  You can also use apps like Depop and Poshmark to purchase vintage denim in your size at home. You can beat the convenience and the sustainability factor!

    Pro tip: measure your waist and hips to know your size, as vintage sizing is not reliable in the least!

With personalized assistance with finding the perfect jeans or other pieces–as well as what washes, colors and specific styles work best for you–get in contact with Vard today!

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