2022 Back to Work Wardrobe Must Haves

by Vard Mov
Has virtual work-from-home had you off the grid when it comes to professional attire? Feeling out of touch when it comes to your work wardrobe? We’ve got you covered! Check out some of this years hottest trends for back to office.

  • Big pant, big shirt - not tucked in

Breezy, comfy and classy, wear this combo as a matching set or with complimentary colors.

  • White sneakers

Heels are old news. Nothing compares to a pair of clean, sleek white sneakers with your work outfit. Who knew comfort could be this chic?

  • Matching sets

Like PJs, but make it professional. Matching sets have been reigning supreme for a few years now, and paired with the bright colors and flashy patterns of 2022, they are a force to be reckoned with.

  • Blazers

Oversized over a turtleneck and slacks, or fitted with a mini-dress, blazers of all shapes and colors add a classic professional touch to any outfit. In this era of casual office style, a blazer adds that little bit of elevation needed when you need to look the part.

  • Nice denim

From marine style jeans, to straight cuffed denim, a nice pair of blues can look classy, mature and professional. Can’t find bottoms to match that patterned, colorful top you love? Surprise: denim goes with everything!

  • Mini dresses and boots

A style we’ve been seeing a lot of that we absolutely love is the office-friendly mini dress, paired with a pair of statement boots. Flattering on any body, and customizable to your personal style, this combo is a match made in heaven. Reminiscent of mod fashion of the 60s and 70s, exposing a bit of knee has never looked better–and just in time for fall.

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